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A Selection of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms we have completed.

Painted Oak 2 Painted Oak In-frame with Solid Oak Worktops
White Gloss Bedroom 2 White Gloss Bedroom
Glendale white 4 Glendale White Bedroom
Beige and capp 2 Beige and Cappuccino
Latte Gloss with Zebrano Gloss 2 Latte Gloss with Zebrano Gloss Accents
Ebony Gloss with White Quartz 2 Ebony Gloss with White Quartz
Lansdowne Washed Oak and Slate 2 Lansdowne Washed Oak with Slate and White Gloss Cloakroom
arunel nat oak 1 Arundel Natural Oak with Granite
bathroom 2 Slate Bathroom and ensuite
bath 5 Ebony Gloss with Midir Marfil tiles
white_gloss_black White Gloss with Indian Black Granite
white_gloss_blue White Gloss with Blue Pearl Granite
white_bibury White Bibury Pearl with Angola Black Granite
porter_alabaster Porter Alabaster
painted_oak Painted Oak with Wood
milbourne_alabaster Milbourne Alabaster with Emerald Pearl Granite
maple_solid Maple Solid Wood and Black Granite
lyon_walnut Lyon Walnut Fitted Bedroom
litton_soft_cream Litton Soft Cream with Supergrey Granite
landsdowne_oak Landsdowne Natural Oak